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Our values

What you can expect from OVI.

Optimized, efficient working methods.
Honest and direct communication.
Full commitment to each project.
Expertise at the highest level.
Exact implementation with devotion to detail.
Guidance in every phase of a project.
If you appreciate these qualities in a collaboration, contact us!
Our workflow


Data Transfer / Model construction
You already have a 3D model? Perfect! We will check it and offer you an appropriate discount.
No model? No problem! Provide us with your plans and we will build it for you.


Points of view
You already know exactly from where your project should be displayed? Great!
You don't know? No problem!
We work out the best viewpoints with a lot of sensitivity and together with you - until it fits.


The draft sets the foundation for further elaboration and contains the most important elements. Don't like the idea at all? Out with it!
We now need your honest opinion - if we're still missing information, we'll follow up.


The more extensive the exchange in the preliminary, the more successful the intermediate result. The picture is taken to the next level in all aspects - bombard us with feedback.


Advance print
We are now almost finished. All the inputs from the last round have been incorporated and we are heading into the home stretch.
Time for the finishing touches!


We have reached the final product - congratulations!
Do you not yet like certain details 100%? By all means let us know.
Would you like to get to know the workflow better?
Download the PDF, here every step is described in detail!
Our customers